Services for Families

BLC provides a range of services for families including mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and parenting coordination.

BLC attorneys and neutrals specializing in family law are all trained mediators, experienced practitioners, and committed to pursuing the best resolution for their clients. In many instances, this may mean opting for non-litigation solutions such as mediation, collaborative law or arbitration. We also provide litigation services as needed, as well as other dispute resolution services such as case evaluation and parenting coordination.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help during this difficult time.  I appreciate your honesty and candor during the time we were working together.  I can honestly say, looking back on everything, that I am pleased with how it (the settlement) all turned out.  I know my son will be happy and taken care of.  [H]e and I have a very close bond that will continue to flourish.  [This is in] part due to how [my ex-wife] was treated through this settlement.”

This is the Agreement to Mediate  we use in our family mediations.

Feel free to contact Karen Richards with any questions regarding dispute resolution services for your family.