What Clients are Saying

From a mediation client:

“Thank you for the constructive role you played in mediating the subject dispute. I have been involved in a number of mediation sessions involving mediators from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, academia, and the private sector and none was managed more effectively than this one.”

From a training participant:

“This was the best training I can remember – excellent mix of informative presentations and stimulating role play.”

From a client (posted by the client at www.Lawyers.com)

“Divorce is painful, but David Hoffman guided me through the legal process with compassion and sensitivity. He was thorough and well organized, and masterful in mediation. I felt supported and respected. He understood the legal and emotional complexities of ending a long marriage and gave equal weight to both. He listened and cared about all of my concerns. I can highly recommend his services.”

From the parties in a personal injury mediation:

“We just want to thank you again for your help in resolving our lawsuit. Your level of professionalism was incredible. You and your staff helped to make an extremely difficult two days comforting for the bottom of our hearts.”

From a divorce client:

“I just wanted to thank you for your help during this difficult time. I appreciate your honesty and candor during the time we were working together. I can honestly say, looking back on everything, that I am pleased with how it (the settlement) all turned out. I know my son will be happy and taken care of. [H]e and I have a very close bond that will continue to flourish. [This is in] part due to how [my ex-wife] was treated through this settlement.”

From the Mississippi Center for Justice:

“We write to express our most heartfelt thanks to Boston Law Collaborative, LLC for generously contributing your exceptional talents to meet the legal needs of Hurricane Katrina survivors.

From a divorce client:

“I will be the first to tell of your kindness and thoughtfulness the next time I hear a bad joke about a lawyer or a horror story about a divorce.”

From a training participant:

“The Advanced Mediation Training was by far the best seminar that I have ever attended in my 23 years of [law] practice, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience.”