Mediation & Arbitration

"Thank you for the constructive role you played in mediating this dispute. I have been involved in a number of mediation sessions involving mediators, and none was managed more effectively than this one." - Former Client

Since its inception in 2003, BLC has been a leading provider of mediation and dispute resolution services. BLC is approved as a Massachusetts Superior Court ADR Provider and our practitioners regularly lead mediation trainings offered by MWI, MA Continuing Legal Education, and the Community Dispute Settlement Center. BLC’s David HoffmanJim Grumbach and Audrey Lee, are all trained, experienced mediators experienced in mediating commercial, workplace/employment, and other civil matters.

BLC Founder David Hoffman is also an experienced arbitrator. He has offered training in arbitration and has written extensively on the subject. David served as an arbitrator in approximately 180 Dalkon Shield cases, was designated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide arbitration services in construction disputes under M.G.L. ch. 142A, and has been arbitrating complex business and employment cases for the American Arbitration Association for more than ten years.

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration? Arbitration is a private form of adjudication. It is generally less formal than a trial in court. However, an arbitrator’s role is to decide the outcome of the case, and the arbitrator’s decision is binding. In mediation, the parties retain control of the outcome. They design their own settlement, which then becomes legally binding.

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To learn more about arbitration, click here for the arbitration FAQs.

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