Settlement Agreements

We use the following forms as a starting point for creating individualized settlement agreements at the end of a mediation or other dispute resolution process. These are for non-family cases (such as an employment or business dispute); click here for family law resources and forms or alternative dispute resolution – family.

Memorandum of Understanding – this form is often used at the end of a mediation to memorialize the basic terms of an agreement when there is not enough time for the parties to draft a detailed settlement agreement.

Settlement Agreement – this form contains some of the detail needed for a formal settlement agreement. Please bear in mind that there is no single, standard form suitable for settlement of all cases.

Severance Agreement – this form contains terms that might be useful in the settlement of an employment termination case.

Disclaimer – Please note: The purpose of providing these forms and other materials is not to provide legal advice. Please consult with counsel – either at BLC or other counsel – about these forms to see whether they are appropriate for your particular circumstances.