Mission & Values

BLC’s mission is to build a values-based, multidisciplinary law and dispute resolution firm that helps people resolve conflict in family, business, and employment cases.

Firm Values:

  1. Service to clients – the highest quality work
  2. Spiritual and moral integrity
  3. Service to the community
  4. Broad, “holistic” perspective about client services and life in general
  5. Commitment to multidisciplinary practice (including psychology, financial services, and workplace consulting, among others)
  6. Commitment to expanding the use of dispute resolution and collaborative law
  7. Flexibility about pricing services so that they can be provided to more than just the affluent
  8. Openness to innovations in services and the structure of the organization
  9. Fairness about compensation to members of the BLC team based on contribution
  10. Flexibility about differing levels of contribution
  11. Support for ancillary work (e.g., teaching and writing) by members of the BLC team
  12. Support for additional education for members of the team
  13. Sharing with others what we have learned from trying to create such a firm

    BLC Retreat

    2016 BLC Staff Retreat (Acton, MA)

  14. Collegiality and mutual respect – creating a feeling of community within the office
  15. Work-family balance
  16. Consensus-based, democratic decision-making in the office
  17. Making a good living
  18. Fun

BLC Motto:  “Our life is more than our work and our work is more than our job.” (Singer/songwriter Charlie King)

Commitment to Giving Back to the Community:


Team BLC @ the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

BLC provides pro bono mediation services for the Community Dispute Settlement Center (“CDSC”) and several court-connected mediation programs, and provides pro bono training services for CDSC, the Women’s Bar Foundation Family Law Project for Battered Women, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education,and a number of national and local dispute resolution organizations and bar associations.

BLC supports a number of charities, public interest groups, and 501(c)(3) organizations, including the following: