Legal Advice & Representation

"I don't 'like' lawyers in general but I found you different: kind, compassionate, well prepared, and always available." - Former Client

BLC is unique because we provide both conventional legal representation and collaborative law representation. The difference between conventional representation and collaborative law representation is straightforward: in a collaborative law case, the parties and attorneys agree in advance that the lawyers are in the case solely for purposes of negotiation and resolution, and their involvement will end if the case goes to court.

Collaborative law is not appropriate for every case. Even if a dispute has already been filed in court, or needs to be, BLC attorneys can help. In family law cases, we litigate if the case is not suitable for collaborative law. In business and employment cases, we serve as settlement counsel – advising and representing clients at the negotiation table. BLC Of Counsel, Jim Grumbach, offers decades of litigation and mediation experience — his litigation practice focuses on insurance coverage, professional liability, personal injury, property damage, business disputes, employment, construction, real estate and other matters.

BLC Of Counsel, Jim Grumbach provides legal counseling and advice and offers legal representation services. BLC Founder David Hoffman provides legal counseling and advice.

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