COVID-19 Update: Our services are available virtually. Contact us to learn more about our online mediation, arbitration, litigation, legal representation and training services.

What We Do

BLC offers a range of services to resolve conflicts.  If you would like more information about any of these processes, please call us!!

  • Litigation – representing you in court, administrative agency proceedings, arbitration, or insurance reference proceedings.
  • Legal representation in negotiations – including second opinions and case evaluation
  • Arbitration – serving as an impartial decision-maker (instead of going to court)
  • Mediation – serving as an impartial facilitator of negotiation
  • Case Evaluation – providing a non-binding opinion of the likely outcome of a case if it were litigated
  • Facilitation – managing discussions, involving large or small groups
  • Fact-Finding – serving as an impartial investigator
  • Parenting Coordination – assisting in the resolution of co-parenting disputes
  • Training – both workshops that we offer to the public and custom-designed for clients
  • Workshop Design and Delivery – e.g., negotiation, implicit bias,
  • Coaching – in workplace and other settings, with groups and individuals
  • Consulting – regarding dispute resolution system design or the handling of specific conflicts
  • Organizational Climate Assessment – especially in the areas of sexual harassment and bias issues

BLC offers these services in a wide variety of substantive areas:

  • Business and business torts
  • Child custody
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Consumer Protection (93A)
  • Defamation
  • Discrimination (disabilities, race, gender, age)
  • Divorce and post-divorce
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Family Business
  • Insurance and coverage issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Parenting and co-parenting issues
  • Partnership Issues
  • Personal injury and tort cases
  • Real estate
  • Securities