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Implicit Bias Workshop: Proven Strategies for Raising Awareness and Counteracting Bias

Are you curious to learn more about implicit bias, but perhaps reluctant to raise the topic with friends or colleagues? Could your workplace or community benefit from heighted awareness of the ways implicit bias affects our relationships and decision-making? This one-day interactive workshop will help participants have a deeper understanding of the implicit biases we all carry and specific strategies to manage them. 

In the morning, the facilitators will lead interactive presentations and exercises to raise awareness about where biases come from—essentially, a form of mental shortcut that we all engage in – as well as discussion of stereotypes each of us has encountered in the way we are viewed by others.

In the afternoon, the workshop will focus on strategies for counteracting bias, with small-group discussions of each strategy and how they might be implemented in the workplace. 

Workshop Faculty:  BLC Founder David Hoffman, BLC Senior Mediator & Institute Executive Director Audrey Lee & BLC Affiliate Matt Thompson

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*Co-sponsored by Boston Law Collaborative Institute and YW Boston. Please contact us with questions re: financial assistance. 

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